Rooster Investments offers long term parking on Orcas Island, conveniently located across the ferry terminal.

As more and more people discover and visit the beautiful San Juan Islands, ferry lines are getting longer and longer.  Reservations are hard to come by in the spring, summer and fall for the days and times you want. If a ferry breaks down you may face long delays if you came by car. If you are delayed or stuck in traffic on I-5 and don’t arrive on time at the booth you lose your reservation and will have to go on standby.

Maybe you have a vacation home here. Maybe you live on Orcas but go to the mainland or travel inter-island a few times per week. In both cases you have to worry and deal with the long, often unpredictable wait times for a ferry to and from the mainland. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing something more productive or fun?

We can give you predictability and peace of mind. Don’t take your car, but walk onto the ferry. Park in one of the numerous parking lots near the ferry terminal in Anacortes. Upon arrival on Orcas, stroll to your island car a short distance away.

No more waiting in line or worrying about your reservation. Park your car and catch the ferry you want to take with minimal waiting.  It’s an easy walk past the long car lines to board the ferry